Energy prices: the world's cheapest and most expensive places

Gas and electricity prices in Britain are set to soar this winter. What countries offer lower - or higher - energy costs?

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Earlier this month, British Gas announced that it is raising its energy prices for 8million customers by 9.2 per cent. Other suppliers including Scottish Power, SSE, and npower have also increased prices - meaning that many less affluent customers will face a choice between "eating and heating" this winter.
Put another sweater on and check our top 10 most expensive, and cheapest, places for energy.

Cheap energy locations

Venezuela: Petrol’s so cheap (7p a litre) it drives you Caracas. A city centre apartment sets you back £30,000.

Canada: Electricity prices are a third of Britain’s. Is it time to buy that Nova Scotia log cabin for £150,000?

US: Love it or loathe it, fracking has produced 60 per cent gas price falls. A Florida villa starts at £145,000.
Estonia: It has the EU’s lowest electricity price, half that of Britain. A golf villa near Tallinn costs £160,000.
Westray, Orkneys: Islanders slashed bills by 90 per cent by buying a wind turbine. A four bed house is just £135,000.

India: Despite recent hikes prices are low and there are vast oil and gas reserves. A one-bed Goa resort apartment is just £49,000.

Poland: It’s the EU’s leading fracking nation with gas price cuts predicted. A three bed Krakow flat costs £350,000.

Bahrain: Oil-rich equals low-cost at 17p a litre. A high-rise flat is good value too from £27,000.

China: Using coal makes energy cheap but creates extreme pollution. A two-bed Shanghai riverfront flat is £700,000.

Scotland: The devolved government wants to halve green energy taxes. In Edinburgh, a detached three-bed Georgian house costs £600,000.

Expensive energy locations:

Energy bills vary massively worldwide. But don’t think Britain is the only place with soaring bills.
Turkey: A coastal holiday apartment with a pool is just £30,000 leaving you money to pay 177p a litre for petrol.
Denmark: Electricity may be almost double the British price but a two-bed Copenhagen flat is a snip at £140,000.
Spain: The cash-strapped government has slashed energy subsidies. Three bed coastal apartments are cheap enough at £60,000 (and still falling).
Cyprus: Electricity charges are up 60 per cent since 2008 - the EU’s biggest hike. A pretty Paphos villa is £250,000.
Scilly Isles: Petrol is 25p a litre more than mainland England despite EU subsidies. A modest three bedroom house is £375,000.
Norway: Petrol is 1.80p a litre so stay home instead - if you can afford £300,000 for a two-bed city apartment.
Germany: Electricity is 10 per cent costlier than Britain’s. An up-market Munich detached house is £700,000.
Sweden: It has the EU’s most expensive household gas. Housing is dear, too: a three bed Stockholm apartment is £700,000-plus.
Northern England: Energy is usually dearer than south because of transport and technical costs. A pretty Yorkshire moors cottage is £300,000.
Australia: Electricity costs are higher than the UK and generating capacity is low. A two-bed Perth water view apartment is £520,000.

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